Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The overall aim of the course is to build capacity and improve the effectiveness of logistics specialists and non-specialists as well as humanitarian workers, on humanitarian logistics
Venue: New Delhi, India
Date: 08-10-2018 to 11-10-2018
Selecting people with the right
qualifications and attitudes

These are a series of technical courses along with technical support within specified geographical or organizational remits provided to an organization or group of actors for their DRR or humanitarian response and recovery work. The focus also remains on inclusion of good and proven effective practices at the local, state and national level for capacity building. The training courses are designed in keeping with the necessary skills and knowledge essential for improved capacities in DRM, ensuring that crucial elements in DRM capacities are achieved across people, resources and systems in a given context. The key categories within the Capacity Building milieu are as described below:
Learning Needs Assessments to identify the exact learning requirements for targeted capacity building, Institutional Capacity Mapping and Assessments to develop an understanding of the existent capacities of an organization and the gaps that need to be addressed. One of the core expertise of RedR India also lies in carrying out Sector Specific capacity building initiatives.  It does Capacity Building in numerous sectors like Shelter, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Logistics, etc. Also, recognizing the imperative of building front line capacity during a disaster, RedR India provides guidance and support through its Front Line Capacity Building work where it trains front line workers and community members to develop their preparedness towards a disaster. It also engages in Real Time Capacity Building in which it designs and delivers training as per the nature of response and the learning needs of local actors involved in the response during an on-going emergency.

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