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   Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The overall aim of the course is to build capacity and improve the effectiveness of logistics specialists and non-specialists as well as humanitarian workers, on humanitarian logistics
Venue: New Delhi, India
Date: 08-10-2018 to 11-10-2018
Selecting people with the right
qualifications and attitudes
Each year millions of people around the world feel the effects of natural disaster and conflict. RedR improves the effectiveness of disaster relief, helping save and rebuild the lives of people affected by disaster worldwide. We do this by delivering essential training and support to relief organisations and their staff, and by supplying skilled professionals to humanitarian and risk reduction programmes.  Our work helps to ensure that the right people with the right skills are responding to global emergencies, and enables both local and international relief workers to react to the needs of those affected and at risk from disasters, efficiently and safely.
RedRIndia supports and delivers expertise to humanitarian agencies, government and others through:
  • Roster of Humanitarian Personnel: Our roster members are our primary assets; a trained and experienced community holding disaster response and risk reduction expertise.
  • Training and Capacity Building: We specialize in delivery of tailor made courses that build, improve and strengthen individual and institutional capabilities for disaster response and risk reduction.
  • Technical Support and Advisory Services: We provide wide ranging advisory services to various agencies that helps improve effectiveness of emergency response and risk reduction work.
The complexity, inherent in disaster management brings several challenges and calls for intervention of various stakeholders, each with a distinct role to play. Inherent to effective responses and recovery is disaster preparedness and risk reduction, both before and after disasters, which centers on building capacities, resources and investments for resilience. The process of Disaster Risk Management and its components is multifarious and offers significant learning and challenges which are continually evolving. RedR India works on engaging with these challenges and learning through its four programme portfolios,Roster and Deployment (Membership), Training Services, Projects and Technical Support Services and, Learning and Development.

 In essence, RedR is about PEOPLE. Disasters affect people and their environs, and it is people who cope with disaster risk and in all disasters people are the first responders.

We rely on the experience and professionalism of the people who deliver our training courses, ensuring expertise is shared and skills are developed.
The people who attend RedR’s courses go on to use that knowledge to save and rebuild lives.
The people who make up our membership are called on to use their commitment and skills to respond to the ever-growing humanitarian need.
We rely on the commitment of the people who donate to RedR and support us through spreading the word and being part of the RedR community, to ensure our work can continue

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